My hair is really dry and split, what can I do to improve the condition?

An intensive treatment conditioner will help put moisture back into your hair which you can use once per week and also a leave in conditioner or oil will help with split ends, moisture and combability.

I have curly hair and have problems keeping the curls defined and smooth, what can i do achieve smooth non frizzy curls?

Apply a curl cream to mid lengths and ends, use a diffuser to scrunch try and try not to ruffle the curls too much. You can also twist some pieces for more definition and when the hair is almost dry use a sea salt spray to finish.

My hair is medium length and quite fine, I like to have a bit of texture and messiness to it, some waxes can be too heavy. What is the best way to achieve a messy look that doesn't flop or look greasy?

A spray wax is the lightest and easiest way, just spray some on the ends of your hair (not the roots) and ruffle to create texture, if hair gets flatter throughout the day, the spray wax is pliable so will re mould.

My hair is quite heavy and I find it difficult to get lasting volume, Some mousses are too sticky, can you recommend anything else?

A root lift spray is very easy to achieve lift and hold without being too heavy. Just spray a small amount onto the root area and lift hair using a large round brush at 45 degrees to the head in sections,drying from roots first and then ends.